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I love how we have such a big impact on basically everything, just by paying attention to what we eat: our own healthy, our kids health, our moods, our sleep, our energy, but it also decides how our future will look like on this planet.

Our bodies are incredibly smart and we need to honor our health instead of destroying it. Same with the planet btw.

We need to start eating the foods that is actually made for our bodies!

A little story of my life

Although healthy eating was ingrained my whole life, I didn’t understand the value of nutrition until a few years ago.

When I look back now, I would say my journey started when I was a toddler. I had Neurodermatitis, a skin condition characterized by chronic itching and scaling, I would scratch to the point my skin would bleed. The doctors recommended strong pills and cremes (would just help me for that time, but not heal it – focus on symptoms not the root cause!) but I´m so thankful my mum refused their advice and got help from an alternative practitioner, she changed my diet, only bought local and in season and made everything from scratch (also bread etc.). Guess what, it worked – I never EVER had it again.

At the age of 18 I became a vegetarian after some things I read and saw on the internet. At this time, I really had no clue what I was doing, I just refused to eat meat. I never replaced it with anything, so eventually I started to seriously crave meat and shortly after I gave in. I still eat meat, but now with more knowledge about where it is from and what comes all with it.

When I moved out I had to be the chef at my own home. So there I was standing in the kitchen with endless recipes on the internet, so many cookbooks and I didn´t know where I should start or what I want to cook,
so I decided to go with the healthiest one, but with it came the problem.. there were just so many voices out there and I had no clue what is right or wrong about “healthy foods”. So I decided to go back to school and learn everything I can about it so I can make my own opinion.

In 2016 I started working for a fitness & supplement company and for the first time in my life I experienced what its like to accomplish a fitness goal that I set – it was a 11.4 km run – probably nothing for some others, but I was never the sporty person and I never ever participated in a run. I just wanted to make it through, time didn´t matter. So I had my plan which of course included working out but I also changed my eating habits completely. I felt so good and healthy like never before!

The other side of working for a startup supplement company was that we learned how hard it is to find ingredients that you really know where they are from. What weak laws they have and how dirty the industry really is. Our mission was to change that – to bring the best quality to an affordable price. Either way, I couldn´t unsee the fact, that this is the same in the food industry. The more I looked into, the scarier it became.

Food influences so much! Not just ourselves (how we feel, it connects with your moods, overweight, health conditions), but also for the environment (horrible mass industries are one of the biggest polluters; the food system is the nr. 1 driver of climate change).

Food can also be so meaningful.. it can be something cultural, it can be the only time a day the whole family sits together or meeting your friends after work, your favorite traditional holiday foods, or it can be a dish what reminds you of home. No matter what it is, food connects people! Let us all connect more, love more and eat delicious and nutritious food!

With WHAT´S GOOD NUTRITION I want to help everyone see the importance in all of our food choices. I also want to help you to understand your body better and feel your best self! 

Learn how to have a healthy relationship with food, without restrictions.

Learn how to feel confident in your body and food choices.

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